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Kat Yeatman CMT, CMLDT has been a bodyworker in the Los Angeles area since 2001. A graduate of I.P.S.B. (Institute of Psycho Structural Balancing), Kat is skilled in many modalities including: Massage Therapy (Circulatory, Deep Tissue, Pre-Natal), Cupping Therapy, Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Sensory Repatterning, Cranial Sacral Integrative Therapy, as well as various modalities of Energy Healing.

Kat was chosen for the teacher program at I.P.S.B. and has assisted in classroom training for many beginner students.

Kat is a Certified Massage Therapist by the California Massage Therapy Council, as well as a Certified Manual Lymphatic Drainage Therapist, and an insured member of ABMP. She is a Certified LPG Endermologie technician and has specialized body training with Biologique Rechereche. 

Kat will work with your individual needs to create a healing session or series of sessions in order to achieve your highest good in Body, Mind and Spirit. 

Kat is a Certified Health & Nutrition Coach, specializing in Holistic Gut Health. 

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"The effects of Kathryn’s healing hands reverberate throughout my life in many ways. Not only am I a more relaxed and focused human being, but through her mastery in Massage Therapy and Sensory Repatterning, and budding Cranial Sacral skills, my life transformed in a drastic way.  She was able to raise my vibration to the point where I can finally surpass my negative beliefs and begin to attract the things that I deserve into my life.

Her attention to detail, extensive knowledge in body anatomy, warm healing energy, and professional demeanor make getting a massage a sublime experience that leaves you buzzing with joy.  She is a master at remedying physical, mental and spiritual wounds, while simultaneously restoring the body’s natural energy resources to their highest potentials.

My appreciation for Kathryn’s gift knows no bounds. I am beyond grateful for her healing hands."

~Jennifer P., Los Angeles, Ca


"I remember the first time I met Kathryn, I knew from the start that she had something extra about her, something engaging and intriguing. 

Kathryn is one of those people that pull you in with her grounded, wise energy and once you let yourself go, she masterfully guides you through your own personal, powerful holistic exploration.

I had never heard of polarity therapy until Kathryn introduced me to it. 

I had been searching for something beyond regular therapy to help me understand what was going on inside of me. I decided to give polarity therapy a try because at that point I had already stressed all other kinds of possibilities (massages, therapy, exercise). What happened after meeting Kat and making the decision to do the polarity session changed my life. It changed my world and has kept doing it ever since. 

Kathryn introduced me to a new part of myself, a depth within my body that was mysterious, yearning and very real. 

The session helped me immensely, having done more than any massage or any spoken therapy could have at that moment. It dug right into who I was and the core of my issues, energy blockages, and restlessness. 

Kathryn's methodology is very much her own. Her spirit is raw and intense, and she uses her talents and skills in the most masterful way. She knows how to read your body, how to understand the energy fields surrounding it and the ones swirling inside, she can feel what you are thinking and communicate directly with both your spirit and physical body. She reaches that place beyond words that only a few people can take you to. 

I recommend her a million times over if you are searching for a way to tune into your body. I have done energy work, chakra work, tonal therapy, Sensory Repatterning and massage work with Kathryn and it has been a fascinating journey of self-exploration, spiritual realignment and the best holistic care I could give myself. When you book a session with Kathryn you get more than just an appointment, you get an experience."

~Leah B., Brooklyn, NY

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