What is the Lymphatic System?
  • The lymphatic system is a drainage network found throughout the entire body that transports, filters and balances bodily fluids.

  • It is comprised of lymph vessels, lymph nodes, lymph fluid and lymph organs.

  • It is the body's primary detoxification process.

  • It is an essential component of our immune system, defending the body against infection and disease by producing and circulating lymphocytes (white blood immune cells).

  • It works with the digestive system by absorbing fat from the small intestine and returning fat-soluble nutrients back to the bloodstream.

Tips to get your Lymphatic System Flowing

How does the Lymphatic System work?

  • Blood travels through the body and releases fluid that nourishes the organs and tissues. 

  • Most of this fluid re-enters the blood vessels but the rest is left for the lymphatic system to absorb and transport. 

  • The fluid enters the lymphatic vessels where it travels though the body, ultimately entering the bloodstream again.

  • Along the path, lymph fluid must pass through many lymph nodes where killer lymphocyte cells help destroy foreign particles, viruses and bacteria, and where the fluid is filtered and waste is discarded.

  • Monthly lymphatic drainage sessions.

  • Stay hydrated!! Drink a lot of water.

  • Eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables (preferably organic).

  • Drinking warm lemon water every morning hydrates and stimulates the immune system and improves detoxification. 

  • Regular exercise. Movement and muscular contractions encourage lymph to flow.

  • Rebounding/bouncing on a small circular trampoline.

  • Deep belly breathing. Ask Kat how!

  • Dry brushing stimulates the lymph flow under the skin.

  • Herbs and supplements: Turmeric, Astragalus, Ginger, Manjistha, Red Root, Cleavers, Bromelain, Ocotillo, Stillingia and Bupleurum.

  • Infrared sauna 

  • Avoid tight undergarments especially during sleep.