3 Words I Banished for Life

3 Words I Banished for Life.

Energy. It’s everywhere and it is everything. Even in between the gaps, resides energy not visible with the human eye, but it exists nonetheless. In knowing this, I have come to realize that spoken words are energy too. Words have the power to bring joy, light and love or the power to do just the opposite. I have chosen to re-train my brain in order to banish certain destructive words from my vocabulary; words that do not uplift my spirit or resonate with goodness. By doing this, I have shifted the energy that I release into the universe and also the energy I attract into my life.

Words can produce positive or negative feelings. The word love, for example, makes us all feel warm and fuzzy inside, while the word failure creates a powerful, negative charge. When we speak, our words become propelled energy that enters the universal field. Masaru Emoto, a Japanese researcher, began conducting experiments in 1999 for his book ‘Messages from Water’. He demonstrated how focused attention, by speaking positive or negative words, has a profound effect on the formation of water crystals. The water that was exposed to optimistic, loving words became beautifully formed crystals while the water, when subjected to ugly words, became fragmented and distorted crystals.

Because humans are 70% water, we must conclude that we too can be profoundly affected by the energy of the words we not only speak, but hear as well. This is why I have banished certain words in my home. Here are three of them:

1. CAN’T

When you say ‘I can’t’, what you really mean is ‘I am being challenged’ or ‘I don’t want to’ or ‘I give up’. Instead, embrace the challenge! By saying I can’t, I’ve already given up on myself or someone else. If it’s something you don’t want to do, simply do not do it! Unless it is required of you, but in that case what is the point of complaining? By banishing this word, a world of possibilities opens up to solve a problem and find a solution.


This word is nothing but a put down, no matter what context you use it in. It is a judgmental word with no positive connotations. I’ll admit that I’m still working on this one. Sometimes it slips out along with the word retarded. We all say it, and when I catch myself, I immediately regret it. This is how I know it’s a good word to eliminate. Maybe we use this word because subconsciously, if we belittle something or someone else, we feel better about ourselves. This is when ‘say something nice or don’t say anything at all’ comes into play.


Even typing the word makes me uncomfortable. After I stopped using this word, I really began to notice how often I people say it! The word hate vibrates with a very negative energy. We can dislike something very much but truly hate?…No. For example, I don’t like coffee (yes I know this is strange), but do I HATE it? Of course not! The truth is that I just don’t like the taste of it. Coffee is just a thing that exists, without negative INTENT. Simply disliking something becomes less of a charge and more a matter of taste. The law of attraction says that what you put out must eventually come back, even words. So repeating the word hate often will bring more to your life for you to hate.

I challenge you to become aware of the words you choose to speak. When you can master the elimination of negative words then you are truly living in the moment and becoming accountable for the energy you are emitting and therefore attracting!

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